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Every month we will present an in depth look at one of our artists. Our very first Spotlight is on


Vision Mooring, Mixed media collage by Paul Compton
Killer, Mixed media collage by Paul Compton

Paul Compton’s drawings, woodcuts and collages are known for their depictions of ghostly apparitions, odd and cosmic beasts, subliminal spaces and playfully conjured portraits. Paul’s inspirations range from automatic drawing and writing, Victorian-era spiritualism, occult and magic rituals, animals, raw art, cultural oddities and religious iconography through to the visual textures of fur, wood and fabric. The conflicting forces of black and white physical and spiritual intertwine.

We asked Paul a few questions:

  • Work of art you would love to see IRL? Any Vilhelm Hammershoi interior painting.
  • Last exhibition you saw before the lockdown? Phil Day’s Edited & Illustrated at Printmaker Gallery
  • Favourite snack while creating? Bickies!
  • Favourite documentary? Too many to name! The Nightmare (2015) rates pretty highly though.
  • Which works of art would you include in your dream collection? Grayson Perry’s Map of An Englishman, Arthur Boyd’s Nebuchadnezzar series, any Odilon Redon lithograph, any David Hockney etching.  
    Which living Australian artist do you admire? John Wolseley  
  • What made you last laugh out loud? A video of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets but with Gordon Ramsay’s voice dubbed over it.
    What are you currently reading? The Rumi Daybook.
  • Are you binge watching anything? I am watching the Harry Potter films for the first time. As usual, I am late to the party.
  • Last thing you Googled? Louella Gallagher, a 1950’s housewife and backyard knife-thrower!  

Paul’s exhibition will commence in Feb 2021. If you would like to be invited please join our mailing list.


See Paul Compton’s work below