Curatorial Policy


This policy outlines our curatorial roles, our processes and curatorial values.  By outlining this policy we hope to makes our curatorial processes transparent for artists, venues and audiences.

Curatorial objectives

  • Provide an engaging exhibition program which demystifies, informs and educates visitors.
  • Curate inclusive exhibitions within a contemporary context.
  • Encourage the collecting and purchasing of art.

Curatorial framework

  • Satellite Projects’ focus is on un-represented Australian artists.
  • Satellite Projects works with new, overlooked, difficult artistic practices. ‘New’ should not read as ‘young’. We include the work of marginalised artists, be that based on gender, race, class, sexuality, ability, mental health and social disadvantage.  Satellite Projects is not an ‘issue’ led project but knows that great artistic work often comes from a marginalised position.
  • Satellite Projects challenges predominant hierarchies in the art world, asking questions about what art is deemed valuable, who it can be for, and where it can be presented. 
  • We collaborate with owners of venues who provide us with exhibition spaces.  We work with the unique aspects of these non-traditional exhibition venues. 

Curatorial values

Our core values are: inclusion, collaboration, integrity, innovation and sustainability. We believe in a level playing field.  For us, it is all about the quality of the artwork.

Curator role

Our Curators will:

  • Plan and oversee each exhibition season.
  • Articulate the concept for each exhibition.
  • Conceptualise the manner in which it will be presented to the public.
  • Organise and implement the presentation.
  • Function as liaison between host venue, Satellite Projects and the artist/s, ensuring that all areas of responsibility for the project are being addressed.
  • Consider the artist’s interests while respecting the needs and priorities of the venue.

Selection criteria

  • Satellite Projects supports artists who do not have a dealer or gallery representation.
  • Artworks must meet our values and curatorial objectives.
  • Artworks will be assessed on the strength of their aesthetic and conceptual qualities.
  • Programming decisions are made by our curatorial committee.
  • There is no cost for artists to participate (other than sales commission and transport).
  • Artists are expected to comply with the terms and conditions.

If you feel you meet the selection criteria please get in touch.  You can apply via the website portal.