Terms of Service

With these Terms of Service we have tried to clarify the most relevant issues associated with exhibiting and selling artworks.  These terms may change from time to time so please check each time you register a new art work.

If you wish to make a comment, or provide feedback, on the Terms of Service please send an email to satelliteprojectsmelbourne@gmail.com

Artist is you

Art Work is the art work which you have provided to be exhibited

Venue is the location in which your Art Work will be exhibited

The Exhibition is the scheduled period of time during which your Art Work will be on display at the Venue

Delivery Timeframe is the period specified for delivery of Art Works prior to installation

Collection Timeframe is the period specified for collection of unsold Art Works after the Exhibition ends

Selling Rights is exclusive rights to sell your Art Work for a set period of time

The Exhibition Artist is responsible for:

  • insurance and transport of Art Works
  • delivery and collection of Art Works within the specified Timeframes
  • ensuring Art Works are prepared for installation/hanging to a professional standard

As Exhibiting Artist you agree to:

  • provide Satellite Projects with exhibition and promotion material (images, text etc) when requested
  • give permission to Satellite Projects to reproduce one or more images for promotional purposes
  • give Selling Rights over the Artwork for a period of 60 days following The Exhibition
  • give permission to Satellite Projects to list and sell your Art Work via Satellite Project’s on-line gallery store for the duration of The Exhibition
  • give permission to Satellite Projects to list and sell your Art Work via Satellite Project’s on-line gallery store for 60 days following The Exhibition, or for a period as agreed

Satellite Projects agrees to:

  • Deal with all promotional aspects of The Exhibition
  • Install and dismantle your Art Work
  • Organise and supervise any events associated with The Exhibition
  • Liaise with the host Venue regarding delivery of Art Work, sales of Art Work and collection of Art Work
  • Arrange a single payment to you of sales (less commission and any other specified costs) within 30 days of the final payment being received for the sale of your Art Work


Satellite Projects shall use its best endeavours to ensure that the Art Work is displayed in a manner that is fair, accessible to the public and sympathetic to the Art Work’s context.

Satellite Projects shall have total discretion in the presentation, display and selection of Art Works. This may include the rotation of stock on and off the floor during the Exhibition period.

General conditions:

  • Sold works will be retained by The Venue for payment and collection by buyers
  • Unsold works are to be collected from The Venue within the Collection Timeframe
  • Satellite Projects will take all reasonable care but accepts no responsibility for theft of Art Works or Art Works damaged by fire, storm, flood or accident. It is The Artists responsibility to obtain appropriate insurance cover
  • In order to extend audiences, Satellite Projects or The Venue may schedule functions, launches, and seminars during The Exhibition
  • All Art Works must be available ‘for sale’. Art Works sold prior to exhibition, and ‘swaps’ are treated as sales for the purposes of commission
  • Satellite Projects reserves the right for the final decision on which Art Works will be included in The Exhibition
  • Satellite Projects will not accept Art Works that are not professionally prepared for hanging
  • Satellite Projects will not accept Art Works that are unfinished, wet or sticky
  • Satellite Projects will not accept Art Works that are too heavy, unbalanced or might present a hazard to visitors
  • The Artist may  incur penalties, including disposal of Art Works, for failure to collect unsold Art Works within the Collection Timeframe


Public Liability insurance is provided by The Venue.  Insurance of Art Works is the responsibility of the Exhibition Artist

Fault or damaged work:

If a technical fault occurs with your Art Work or your Art Work is damaged we will endeavour to inform you as soon as possible


The copyright in each Art Work shall remain the property of the Artist. Dealings in relation to the copyright in the Art Work shall be made solely between the Artist and the Buyer.

Selling your Artwork:

Sales of Art Works via Satellite Projects are generally on a commission basis.  In the case of your Art Work being sold, the ownership of the Art Work transfers from the Artist, directly to the Buyer.  At no time does Satellite Projects or the Venue take ownership of the Art Work.

Some Exhibitions will be set up in such a way that buyers will be able to purchase Art Works and remove them prior to the Exhibition ending.

GST (Goods and Services Tax):

Satellite Projects charges commission on the ex-GST price unless your GST status is unclear in which case commission will be charged on the sale price.

Ownership and authorship of work:

By agreeing to these terms of service you agree that the Art Work was made by you and that you own the Art Work.

Are you represented by a gallery?:

By agreeing to these terms you are indicating that you have no agent for sales of your Artwork in the state of Victoria, or you have already declared to Satellite Projects your current agent details and commission arrangements.

October 30, 2020