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Sharon West’s reimagined colonial era Art Salon
Johhny Young’s bush toys amid Julia Silvester’s wallpaper and shredded history
Julia Silverster’s Antipodean View

Enlivening a displaced former men’s shelter in the heart of North Melbourne ‘Between’ brings together the work of Johnny Young an indigenous artist working out of Northern Territory, Julia Silvester and Sharon West two Melbourne based practitioners.

Taking what was once old and retelling it in a contemporary context, ‘Between’ looks back at the materiality of the object. Reusing and reimagining, Johnny Young re-contextualises the traditional indigenous bush toy. Created out of wire, metal and salvaged objects, these small but impactful sculptural pieces are juxtaposed against the work of Julia Silvester, whose large-scale wallpaper installations and playful objects are informed by the transformation of historical themes and imagery.

Sharon West is a mixed media artist who explores themes of Australian colonial and local histories by engaging in humorous re-workings of bush and settler folklore. West imbues the knowledge she has gained from her cultural mentors, the Koori Elders, into all her work.

All three artists, in their own way, are exploring and reimagining history, and in the process they create new connections amongst disciplines and communities. Between city and outback. Between past and present. The convergence of these three unique practices provides a platform for an ongoing contemplation of place.

Duration: December 17, 2021 until January 31, 2022.

Location: Corner of Arden St and Abbotsford St, North Melbourne.

For more details about the exhibiting artists: Sharon West Johnny Young Julia Silvester

This exhibition is supported by the City of Melbourne.