Calamity by Tinky

Location: 24/7 viewing at 69 Victoria Parade, Collingwood – this is a walk-by window project

Susan didn’t often get hot under the collar, but she was steaming mad to find her fiancé flirting with another woman. She knew they had a lot of issues to iron out before deciding if he was husband material.

Working under the pseudonym, Tinky, I gather vintage or abandoned objects and assemble them with miniscule characters, using word-play to create humorous dioramas.

Each artwork embraces a calamitous story of human drama and playful folly. Faced with a world of mismatched proportions and unexpected scenarios, each miniature character comes to life through their determination to make the best of their odd situation, aided and abetted by a darkly humorous caption.

My work shifts between activating non-spaces – such as a gutter, or a hole-in-the-wall in streets, buildings and laneways – to curated gallery spaces.

Countering the tradition for public art to be overt and highly visible, my artwork encourages intimate art experiences, often in unexpected places.

I see my work as a way to provide new context to forgotten or abandoned objects, forcing the viewer to look at the everyday world and public spaces anew.

Since 2016, I have exhibited in more than 50 group and solo exhibitions, including with the Biennale of Australian Art, Museum of Sydney, Myer Melbourne windows, Harvard University, and regional art galleries. My work was more recently featured on the ABC television series, Tiny Oz, hosted by comedian Jimmy Rees.

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Exhibition Duration: September 16 – October 31

Exhibition Location: windows at 69 Victoria Parade, Collingwood

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