Losing Teeth by Piper Kennedy Lim

Location: 24/7 viewing at 69 Victoria Parade, Collingwood – this is a walk-by window project

Curated and writen by Camille Hassan. March 2024

Piper Kennedy Lim is a multidisciplinary artist, traversing various mediums including photography, sculpture, and textiles to craft evocative pieces,  painting an intimate picture of the female experience. Her body of work serves as a poignant counterpoint to the pervasive influence of the male gaze, offering a raw and intimate portrayal of womanhood.

Within Piper’s creations, traditional feminine elements intersect with distorted, unsettling forms, creating work that is equally vulnerable and unsettling. In her latest series, “Losing Teeth,” she explores the intricacies of childhood and the complexity of mother-daughter relationships.

In this collection, Piper challenges conventional notions of feminine beauty and delicacy. braids, lace, and ribbons, typically symbols of grace and softness, are recontextualized upon her uncanny figures, metamorphosing into potent symbols of female resilience and reimagination.

Through the lens of her distorted forms, Pip confronts the unattainable standards imposed upon women, reflecting upon the loss of innocence and the burden of adopting masculine traits as shields rather than avenues for exploration. Her use of textiles veils and exposes vulnerabilities, embodiying the paradoxical nature of female identity.