Women on Women

Upcoming Artist Talks:

Artists exhibiting in the Women on Women exhibition will speak about their work and arts practice.

2pm Sunday April 14 2024

Starlie Geikie
Lyndal Walker
Ruth O’Leary

2pm Saturday 4 May 2024

Tenar Dwyer
Tashara Roberts
Fiona Somerville

About the Curator:

Annabel Brown is an emerging curator based in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia. She holds an Honours of Fine Art (Curating), and a Bachelor of Art History and Curating from Monash University. She is particularly interested in themes of time, subjectivity and precarity in techno-social life, as well as experiences in which ambiguity, simulacrum and elusiveness unfold and become increasingly dominant. Currently, she works as a freelance curator for Satellite Projects and volunteers at West Space in Collingwood Yards, Melbourne.

Annabel is delighted to announce that she has been selected as the recipient of Gertrude’s 2024 Emerging Curators Program. 

Opening on March 8, 2024 in celebration of International Womens’ Day and women artists.

IMAGE CREDIT: Wonder Woman by Tenar Dwyer Painting oil on hemp linen.

The following images are included in the exhibition and are available for sale.