Beatrice Magalotti

Beatrice is a contemporary Australian sculptor whose work engages with a range of themes including mythology (particularly Norse and Greek).

Her work is informed by her experience as a woman. Beatrice also uses embroidery, fabric and needlework in her work. Traces of stitching and details of textures of fabrics – traditional female responsibilities – are visible on her bronzes.

The Völvas”, were the female shaman in the Viking age and very much part of Norse Mythology. The word Völvas means wand carrier or carrier of a magic staff. As part of this sculpture, Beatrice has incorporated the staff and bags in which herbs were carried.

“Valkyrie” forms part of Beatrice’s Valkyrie Series. The Valkyries are very much part of Norse Mythology, they were the female maidens who chose which of the dead were carried to Valhalla.

The Völvas” and Valkyrie  are two of the works from her two month residency at the Fish Factory, Creative Centre, a multi-disciplinary art Residency in Stöðvarfjörður, Iceland.

Magalotti completed her BA, sculpture at Prahran in 1985 and Curatorial Postgrad at Melbourne University in 1992.

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