Bridget Foley

I am a ceramic artist based in Alphington. I have worked as a potter for 30 years as well as teaching at TAFE and Northcote Pottery. My work is a mixture of functional ceramics and one off exhibition work. It is made on a pottery wheel from porcelaneous stoneware. I mix all my own glazes and spend a lot of time experimenting with different formulas and combinations of glazes. I am trying to communicate 2 main things in my work, in the functional work, an appreciation of the everyday. We spend a lot of time eating and drinking so to celebrate this with well made tableware is my aim. The second part, in my exhibition work, is to express my ideas in form and glaze. The environments I grew up in and the landscapes I have encountered in my travels influence me: seascapes, outback Australia, country Victoria. Part of this is also our relationship to nature, our planet, other planets, our place in the universe, so an interest in conserving what we have, influences my work.

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