Bronwyn Morton

After following a freelance career in Graphic Design, Bronwyn returned to study to gain a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours degree majoring in Painting and Drawing at La Trobe University.

Bronwyn’s mixed media artworks are geometric abstractions imbued with silent wonderings, constructed in an almost exclusively horizontal and vertical format that relies on the limited repertoire of squares and rectangles.

An almost monochromatic, earthy reduced palette of neutral greys, browns and gentle muted hues are inspired by the Australian landscape. The diverse materials preferred include pencil, paint, cardboard, fabrics and a variety of new and recycled papers, all coming together to create a sensual, textured surface.

‘The Metaphysical Landscape’ series presented here is an observation of the climate challenges that the world is currently facing.  They are not a wild form of activism but intimate reflections striving to raise awareness about global warming and rising waters.

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Showing all 10 results