Bronwyn Morton

After following a freelance career in Graphic Design, Bronwyn returned to study to gain a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours degree majoring in Painting and Drawing at La Trobe University.

Bronwyn’s artworks are geometric abstractions imbued with silent wonderings, constructed in an almost exclusively horizontal and vertical format that relies on the limited repertoire of squares and rectangles. This type of organic grid allows for meaning to rest within it – yet still provides space for the viewer to complete the artwork and experience for themselves.

We all have questions. ‘Questions that can make or unmake a life; questions that have patiently waited inside for you; questions that have no right to go away.‘  – David Whyte

These works are metaphysical representations of the questions inside me that have no right to go away.

An almost monochromatic, earthy reduced palette of greys, beiges, browns and gentle muted hues are inspired by the Australian landscape. The diverse materials preferred include pencil, paint, cardboard, fabrics and a variety of new and recycled papers, all coming together to create a sensual, textured surface.

Although these artworks are devoid of obvious imagery, occasionally concealed text quivers beneath the layered complexity of the simple geometric structures. The text is extracted from daily newspapers, alluding to the notion of the everyday and familiar but not necessarily the comfortable.

The side edges of these works have been incorporated into the finished work and on the right side tacks have been hammered in to add an extra detail.

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Showing 1–12 of 18 results