Felicity Law

I am an artist, musician and climate activist who lives and works alongside the Merri Creek in West Preston. I primarily work as a sculptor, using both ceramic materials and also materials from the natural world including bones, bone ash, blood, feathers, fungi and mycelium. I make sculptural work that attempts to reflect living ecological systems.

I want my sculptural works to appear as if alive and able to move, and interact, as if in a musical ensemble.

Making work assists me to better manage my overwhelming ecological grief about the pain of our times, the escalating and rapid decline of earth ecosystems. Species extinctions are occurring as we crazy human beings sleep walk in complicity through our business as usual world, seemingly disconnected from the reality that we too are dependent on an ecosystem made up of bees, soils, fungi, birds, animals, grasses, water, plankton, air.

My work references these interconnected aspects of ecosystems.

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