Garth Henderson

Garth Henderson is a Melbourne based artist whose work explores the space between the real and the virtual. Utilising 3D modelling and sculpting software, his exquisitely hyperreal works push the boundaries of Australian botanical art.

Digitally sculpted to form intricately detailed studies, he explores the complex geometric beauty of iconic Australian native flora. Works are an investigation of their complex form: plant species as mathematical constructs and organic architecture. Final images are limited edition archival prints on museum paper. ‘

By referencing flora, my work has a creative approach rooted deep in experience as a visual artist and vocational horticulturist.’ Current works explore the implied sensuality of the floral structures, in this series the ventral tepal, tepal limbs, and emerging styles of the grevillea. Zooming in and abstracting details of form, wrapping botanica in a flesh coloured palette. Lewd, lustful and lubricious…

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