Stephanie Wilson

I work as a visual artist using painting and installation as my primary mediums. My work to date focuses on an element of society that I encounter regularly and find the strangest and most interesting: corporate and institutional-style interiors.

Recent works comment on contemporary office culture, a part of society in which I am a willing participant but also one that I recognise as absurd and lacking value. These works take a look at the catering excess that is often encountered in these situations. Inside this bubble the extravagance and excess can seem normal, yet outside it appears grotesque. The works may have a familiar feel to some of us who have encountered these scenarios and are designed to comment on notions of status, oblivious privilege, human behaviour and futility.

I studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts, followed by a Master of Fine Arts at RMIT University, graduating from the latter in 2010. Since this time I have exhibited in Victoria, interstate and internationally in a range of spaces, recent exhibitions include: Bring Home the Bacon (c3 Artspace 2019), Super Natural (Martin Browne Contemporary 2016) and Thoroughly Modern (Canberra Contemporary Artspace 2016). Recent art prize shortlists include the Sunshine Coast Art Award (2017), The Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize (2017) and the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Award (2016).

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