Penny Byrne: Community

Penny Byrne is an artist who utilises a variety of mediums to create sculptural works that at times elicit visceral responses from viewers.

Vintage porcelain figurines form the foundation of many of her works. These are skilfully manipulated utilising her ceramics conservation skills to create works that speak to our times.

During the past decade we have witnessed many life changing events, including the rise of the #MeToo movement which highlighted the extent of sexual harassment and assault within our communities. In 2017, we celebrated, in Australia, the introduction of the “same sex marriage” legislation.  In recent years we have been challenged by COVID19 and the subsequent lockdowns. There have been many other challenges.

Each of these moments in time has had a profound impact on how communities function, and each has elicited a strong community response as people came together to support one another and advocate for change.

Penny Byrne tackles each of these issues head on.  Reminding us that life goes on…the artist’s repurposed porcelain figurines are revived with wry humour, and a poignant message about the strength of community.

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Showing all 4 results