The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room

Doctors, Nurses & Patients

ARTISTS: Aly Aitken, Patrick Francis, Savina Hopkins, Steve May and Jim Pavlidis.


This exhibition was planned in March, just as COVID19 was hitting its stride.  We wanted to celebrate the heroic efforts of our front-line medical workers, so many of whom marched head long into the battle, working long hours and risking their own health.

However, over the months, it has grown into a contemplation of ‘waiting’.

There are many different types of waiting.  Waiting for a train, waiting one’s turn, waiting for an answer.  Today, many of us are waiting for the end of a pandemic.  We are waiting to be reunited, for our businesses to open, our jobs to restart.  We wait to be tested and we await the results. We await medical diagnosis while we wait in the doctor’s virtual waiting rooms.

When Jim Pavlidis’ ageing father gave up his driver’s licence in February, Jim stepped in as carer and now drives his ageing parents to their various medical appointments.  The result is a series of thoughtful portraits as a meditation on ageing and frailty, observed over many hours in the “waiting room”.

Aly Aitkens other worldly sculptures, whist made of sold materials such as wood and concrete, also consider the frail and vulnerable.  With daily headlines warning us of a  mental health crisis gaining momentum, Aly’s works points to the turmoil experienced by those who live in isolation and questions whether the whole is really greater than the sum of the parts.

Steve May knows about waiting rooms, as he documents a very personal journey through illness and the medical system, reminding us that we are fortunate to have such skilled professionals who can repair, heal and make well.

Savina Hopkins interest in the interface between damage and healing developed during an artist-in-residence program at St Vincent’s Hospital.  During her residency, she explored this relationship through her delicate band-aid portraits.

Patrick Francis paints people at work, often those he admires. Using broad brush strokes and symbolic colour coupled with form and content, Patrick highlights the essence of his subject whilst accentuating his customary emotional absorption in his work.

This exhibition is dedicated to our front-line medical professionals for which we give thanks, not only during a pandemic, but for being there… always.

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