Neo Geo

Neo Geo

14 March – 11 April, 2020

Primary colours and abstract ideas adorn the walls and surfaces of NORD Modern for this exhibition by two well established artists: Clive Stratford and Ian Westwood.

Clive Stratford’s paintings, influenced by the urban landscape of inner city Melbourne, reek of industrial chic. Stratford’s obsession with clean lines, dark shadows and sharp edges belies his interest in the grit and chaos of industrial Collingwood. His style is a blend of geometry and abstracted landscapes and his traditional training and thorough knowledge of art history, particularly the Italian masters, allow the artist to be playful with references to painters such as Mondrian and the De Stijl movement.

Ian Westwood’s tough abstracted sculptural forms reflect the industrial feel and geometry of Stratford’s paintings. In line with the Russian constructivists, who argued that materials should be employed only in accordance with their capacities, Westwood takes this to the limit with his miniature metal structures. Yet, these sculptural objects are so gracefully presented it is a challenge to see the materials for what they actually are.

Neo Geo showcases the work of two established artists who have the confidence to play in the now, yet acknowledge two key moments in contemporary art history.

Host Venue: NORD Modern, 261 Albert Street, Brunswick.  Hours: Tue to Sat 10-5 and Sun 11-4

Sold works must be collected between 14 April and 28 April, 2020

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