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Every month we will present an in depth look at one of our artists. This month we shine our spotlight on

Angela Cavalieri, “O cumu mi ricuardu”, 82 x 116cm, Hand-printed linocut and acrylic paint on canvas


Angela Cavalieri explores the art of writing in visual form. In her large-scale hand printed linocuts, literary, religious and historical narratives eventually manifest as image. Sources include poetry, religious epitaphs and inscriptions on public buildings. Whatever the source, Angela’s inspiration derives from her migrant family background, Italian being her first language. It is this intimate and personal connection that Angela uses to play with the ideas and architectures of language, storytelling and music.

We asked Angela a few questions:

Q. Work of art you would love to see IRL?

Rothko’s Chapel 

[Rothko’s Chapel, opened in 1971 (Huston Texas) is an interfaith sanctuary famous for its dedicated to art, architecture and the spiritual. It contains 14 paintings by Mark Rothko.]

Q. Favourite snack while creating?


Q. Which living Australian artist do you admire?

Kathleen Paddoon (Bililuna Community)

Q. Favourite documentary?

Pompeii: Life And Death With Mary Beard (Ancient Rome Documentary)

Q. Which works of art would you include in your dream collection?

William Kentridge

Q. Loved it. Bought it! What was the last piece of art you bought?

Kate Knight drawing, Art’s Project Australia 

Q. Best advice from a teacher/mentor?

Go bigger! 

Q. What are you currently reading?

Italian Short Stories 1/Racconti Italiani 1: Parallel text

Q. Are you binge watching anything?

The Avengers 1960’s series

Q. Last thing you Googled?

La Giovenezza 1922 song lyric

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See Angela Cavalieri’s work below