Working with Satellite Projects was such a pleasure. Kim and Jenny were thorough, professional, caring and enthusiastic from start to finish. I had an exceptionally successful opening with them in very lovely surroundings At Ryne Restaurant in November 2019. 

I think what they are doing by connecting artwork with specifically chosen spaces is mutually beneficial to the artist and the proprietor as well as insightful and perfect. They were ahead of this mad curve we find ourselves on, and I wish them every success. I hope to have another installation with them in the future.– Andrea Sinclair (artist)

Opportunities for artists to have their work seen and appreciated in appropriate contexts are few and far between, Satellite Projects provide an invaluable service in bridging the gap between under-represented artists and genuine art-lovers.” – Paul Compton (artist)

As a painter with several decades of exhibiting experience, I support the innovative idea, the new approach, of Satellite Projects. It seems to me a more ‘democratic’ direction, if I may put it like that, in the sense that a perhaps wider public is offered the opportunity to participate in the visual arts than might otherwise be the case; this because I am aware that quite a lot of people find the usual art exhibiting world of private galleries somewhat intimidating, a situation Satellite Projects attempts to overcome. This has been my observation at any rate. The principals have all been very supportive and especially so when I have had the chance to exhibit with them. – Clive Stratford (artist)

Although SP is a relatively new organisation, it is built on a wealth of experience gathered through many years working in the heart of the arts industry.  Together Jenny and Kim combine their knowledge, skills and networks to create a unique approach to connecting art, artists, audiences and buyers.

Their use pre-existing spaces to hold pop-up exhibitions is smart on so many levels.  By moving away from the traditional ‘white box’, they have freed artists from the financial burden of standard approaches to exhibiting.  Negotiating access to suitable pop up spaces for temporary interventions has enabled art and artists to create a whole new raft of relationships.  SP has taken art into places where it may not usually venture.

I have known Jenny and Kim for many years and admire their combined strengths.  I feel they genuinely understand my paintings and I trust them both to talk to viewers and potential buyers about my influences, ideas and processes. Jenny and Kim have been supportive and encouraging to many artists including myself because they genuinely embrace a very diverse aesthetic.

This is a not-for-profit organisation that makes a difference to emerging and unrepresented artists’ lives.  I encourage the community to support SP in ways that help it continue to do such valuable work.-Anne Hastie (artist)