Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy


Great news! Now you can try before you buy…. A virtual trial hang at your home/office is easy and convenient using this Augmented Reality app.

To place artwork into your living room or office, simply pin or stick the marker-card onto the wall. The artwork will be displayed in the correct proportions to your environment.

the app is called KUIO for iphone/ipad and ART.AUGMENTED for android.

Using the app, all you need is:

  1. A smart phone or tablet with the app installed.
  2. The printed “marker” (from the instructions on the app)
  3. The exhibition ID (from our website)

Follow these simple steps or watch the video to find out how

  1. Download the app onto your smart device.
  2. Print out the marker (onto A4 size paper) and place it where you would like your art work to be.
  3. Go to Satellite Projects Exhibitions page.
  4. Find the exhibition you want and locate the Exhibition ID. Type the ID number into the app.
  5. The app will give your device access to the exhibition catalogue. Select an artwork from the catalogue.
  6. Aim your device at the “marker “on the wall.
  7. The artwork will shortly appear on your device, simulating it hanging on your wall.
  8. Press the screen save button if you want to keep a copy of the image.
  9. And if you Love it? Buy it! and support a living Australian artist!

CREDITS: Art work supplied for this Augmented Reality hang is: “Sun Theatre”, 2019, Needlepoint thread on canvas, 46x60cm, BY Jessie Deane