Satellite projects is a fluid exhibition space. When not in pandemic mode, we partner with interesting venues in order to provide exhibition opportunities to unrepresented artists.  During COVID-19 we have ventured into the  world of virtual reality.  Our current exhibitions are below.

We hope you enjoy our new VR gallery… just remember, it’s still all about the artwork.  Our motto is LOVE IT? BUY IT! and you can do just that by clicking on any work in the exhibition and follow the links.

New in July 2021

Artists: Jessie BALLETTA, Bridget FOLEY, James GRANT, Anne HASTIE, Savina HOPKINS, Felicity LAW, Debbie MOURTZIOS, Nada POLJSKI, Johnny YOUNG, Stephanie WILSON, Zoe WOEBKEN.

New in June 2021

Artists: Marion ABRAHAM, Sarah AUSTIN, Paul COMPTON, Bridget FOLEY, Rod GRAY, Polly HOLLYOAK, William KOSKY, Henry MAAS, Beatrice MAGALOTTI, Steve MAY, Tania MATILDA, Cathy MUHLING, Jack SUMMERS.