Current exhibitions

Women on Women – Celebrating Women Artists. Central Goldfields Art Gallery, Maryborough, until June 16

Recent exhibitions

Losing Teeth by Piper Kennedy (exhibition has ended)
Tim Sta-Ana (exhibition has ended)
Antipodean View – Melbourne Panorama by Julia Silvester (exhibition has ended)
GROTTO by Rod Gray (exhibition has ended)
COMMUNITY by Penny Byrne (exhibition has ended)
SATIN and TAT by Kim Wall (exhibition has ended)
CALAMITY by Tinky (exhibition has ended)
FATBERG by Julie Vinci. (exhibition has ended)
CLOSE TO HOME By William Kosky, Tania Matilda, Cathy Muhling & Zoe Woebken. (exhibition has ended)
THE SEERESSES by Beatrice Magalotti (exhibition has ended)
ANIMAL CRACKERS: Aly AITKEN, Bruce ARMSTRONG, Paul COMPTON, Kirsty FLETCHER, Johnny YOUNG (exhibition has ended)