Close to Home

This exhibition has ended

Duration: July 29 – August 31.

Four artists come together, each responding to the theme of “close to home”.

Zoe Woebken’s interest in the great Australian Dream is manifested in a series of delicate paintings depicting the suburbia of her childhood. Her detailed paintings of well maintained houses with manicured gardens, belie an eery absence of people.

William Kosky’s abstract paintings are a reflection of, and contemplation on, the intimate and domestic spaces and objects around him at home. He is interested in colour and the messages it can convey when juxtaposed with other colours and shapes.

Tania Matilda, influenced by the automatic drawing movement from the early 20th century, suppresses conscious control over the making process by drawing in front of the TV at home. The titles of each work offer us an intimate glimpse of her domestic life.

Following on from her powerful series titled “My Mother’s Room”, Cathy Muhling, through her delicately layered paintings, explores fragmentation, the elusiveness of memory and the state of human frailty. Muhling’s paintings reveal to us that the loss of memory can bring wonderful moments of joy and humour.

These four artists, through their individual materials and methods… speak of matters which are very much close to home.

With thanks to The Commons for their generosity of spirit, time and resources to make this exhibition a reality.

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For more details about the exhibiting artists: William Kosky, Tania Matilda, Cathy Muhling, Zoe Woebken

Location: The Commons, 80 Market Street, South Melbourne (viewing by appointment only unless you are a member of The Commons )