Tracey and Sarah (by Aylsa McHugh)


Location: 24/7 viewing at the corner of Abbotsford & Arden Streets, North Melbourne

Tracey by Aylsa McHugh
Sarah by Aylsa McHugh

Aylsa McHugh’s practice incorporates a variety of media and draws from a wide range of influences including architecture, modernism, feminism, film and urbanisation. Most recently she has been utilising collage, appropriating images found in magazines and books to create unsettling and elegant juxtapositions. McHugh is interested in how the recontextualizing and combining of found imagery can lend itself to ambiguous interpretations. The resultant assemblages, which enact simultaneously unsettling and elegant juxtapositions, inhabit an uncanny space and a narrative emerges that is divergent from the intention of the source material. 

Referencing a commonly occurring perception delusion, known as pareidolia, (a type of apophenia) that demands us to see order where none exists. She examines the innate tendency of human psychology to find connections, patterns and familiarity in the natural and built environment, celebrating the curious and strangely beautiful.

Duration: February 3, 2022 until March 12, 2022. THIS EXHIBITION HAS ENDED

Location: Corner of Arden St and Abbotsford St, North Melbourne. WALK-BY window open 24 hours a day

For more details about the exhibiting artist: Aylsa McHugh

This Boxed-In project is supported by the City of Melbourne.